3D痘疤修復是SKINLIFE獨家為您訂製的個性化去痘疤項目,使用了非常先進複雜的皮膚修復技術。現有的皮膚再生技術例如點陣激光在治療痘疤的綜合問題上略顯不足,尤其是對亞洲人和有色人種的皮膚有一定的風險和併發症。而最新的3D痘疤修復技術運用射頻和等離子技術能更準確的修復疤痕所在的肌膚,它不受膚色影響,對於亞洲人皮膚治療更安全。我們生活在一個先進的時代,治療皮膚的方法多種多樣。不同的技術各有千秋,SKINLIFE 的3D痘疤修復包括了: 分數射頻,等離子分數(激光),Easy TCA 換膚,皮膚修復注射, 例如: PRP。組合的選擇取決於患者的皮膚狀況。我們的醫師會個性化每個病人的療程, 相比較單一的儀器治療,我們的3D技術更能安全有效的修復皮膚。它能增加重建皮膚的厚度,更快速的修復無須恢復期也相對安全。由於點陣激光浪費大部分能量在皮膚表面,恢復期長且並發症多,造成效果令人失望。SKINLIFE的3D痘疤修復使用微創分級技術,在控制區域加熱皮膚,電腦控制深度和熱度,修復受損導皮膚,還能改善皺紋和毛孔大小。不僅去除痘疤,附加的皮膚改造技術 CROSS 和 DOT 能讓效果達到最大改善。




3D Acne Scar Repair is SKINLIFE’s unique, personalized, and exclusive acne scar treatment program using the newest and most sophisticated fractional skin repair technologies. This exclusive treatment at SKINLIFE utilizes 3 synergistic combinations from: Fractional Radio-Frequency, Fractional Plasma (Laser), Fractional Chemical Skin Resurfacing, and Skin Repair Injectable such as PRP. The choice of combinations depends on the patient’s skin conditions as our physician personalizes the program for each patient. Existing fractional skin resurfacing technologies such as fractional lasers have been tried for acne scars with mixed results and are falling out of favour due to complications and risks in Asian and other ethnic skin types. The newest era of fractional technology involves a Radio-Frequency (RF) and plasma to repair scarred skin more exactly where repair is needed. Fractional RF and plasma ablation technologies provide therapeutic energy deeper, more accurately, and more selectively than any fractional laser technologies. Unlike fractional lasers, the result of 3D Acne Scar treatment is not influenced by skin color and therefore equally effective and safe in all races including Asian skin. We are living in a technologically advanced era where several classes of skin repair technologies available. Different technologies have various strengths and weaknesses. Instead of using on a single device to treat acne scars, 3D Acne Scar Repair utilizes a collection of such technologies for a maximum skin repair without compromising safety and recovery experience. The result is a rapid repair of full thickness of skin and an enhanced skin remodeling without the downtime and risks associated with other scar repair techniques.


Fractional lasers end up wasting most of its energy on the skin surface, which is the reason for prolonged downtime, complication, and disappointing results. 3D Acne Scar Repair at SKINLIFE uses minimally invasive fractional technologies to create controlled zones of heating in the skin at the depth that is pre-selected and automatically controlled by computer, which results in remodeling (repair) of scarred skin leading to flatter and more even skin texture and smaller pore sizes. Based on the types of acne scars, additional skin remodeling techniques such as CROSS and DOT may be added for maximum improvement.

  • How many sessions do I need?
    Most patients notice marked improvements after just three treatments. Benefit is not confined to acne scars as the treatment also improves skin tone, pores, sun-damages, and wrinkles. Subjective improvement can be seen in just a few weeks and gradual improvement is seen over the course of three to six months.
  • Can 3D Acne Scar Repair be used on all skin types?
    Treatment with conventional RF devices and fractional lasers is associated with increased risk of delayed erythema, as well as post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation, particularly in Asian skin. Thanks to our expertise and advanced technologies, 3D Acne Scar Repair can be used on any skin types including Asian and darker ethnic skin.
  • How long is the down time?
    Exceptional control of energy with our 3D Acne Scar Repair means that patients can get back to their routine very quickly after the treatment. After the treatment, redness and swelling develops, but disappears rapidly over a few days time. Tiny, brown dots may appear on some parts of the skin, which typically disappear in about 5 days.






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