Dr. Daniel Chang, MBBS, MS
Dr. Bhavesh Swarnkar, MD, DVL
Dr. Komathy Rajaratnam
Dr. Khoa Le, MD
Dr. Henry Ngai MD, CCFP, Dipl.Derm(NUS)

Director of Reviva Laser Skin Clinic / revivamd.com

I count myself so blessed to know Dr. Choi as I found him to be very talented, knowledgeable, and totally passionate about his work. He is an exceptional clinician and a great teacher. With no hesitation, I would highly recommend him to anyone who seeks any cosmetic improvement to the skin.
Dr. St. Surin-Lord, MD, FAAD

Board Certified Dermatologist, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Howard University, Director of Visage Dermatology, USA / visagederm.com

Training with Dr. Choi was one of the best career decisions I made. He is very knowledgeable, creative, and patient. Dr. Choi is generous and forthcoming and those qualities are also evident in his staff. His professionalism is truly refreshing and he continues to be supportive long after the training session is complete.
Dr. Daniel Chang, MBBS, MRCS, MSc

Founder of Asia Aesthetic Center, Singapore; Key Opinion Leader | Regional Trainer for Lasers, Botulinum toxin, Filler and Threadlift / 4dfacelift.com

I have learnt so much from Dr Choi! He has been so approachable, so kind and so generous with his expert sharing and I gained so many invaluable tips over the years that have helped shaped my practice. It is indeed my honour of privilege to have him as my mentor and teacher. Dr Choi is one of the most helpful aesthetic dermatology experts I know and I highly recommend to those who seek to look and feel their very best
Dr. Bhavesh Swarnkar, MD, DVL

Board Certified Dermatologist & Medical Director, Swarnkar Superspeciality Center, Indore, India / SwarnkarClinic

As the chair of the workshop committee of PigmentaryConference 2017 in India, I had the pleasure of having a firsthand experience of Dr. Choi's clinical expertise and superior technical skills in the treatment of various skin pigmentation. He is a wonderful lecturer and a clinician who is devoted to advancing and sharing of clinical knowledge. Without hesitation, my endorsement of his practice receives the highest recommendation.
Dr. SK Tan, MD, FAAD

Board Certified Dermatologist, Medical Director of IDS Clinic, Singapore / idsclinic.com

I have known Dr. Choi for several years now and have found him to be highly intelligent and creative, always striving to find the best solutions to difficult problems for his patients. He is generous in sharing his knowledge with his peers and it is always a pleasure to be involved in discussions with him.
Dr. Komathy Rajaratnam, MD

Aesthetic Physician, Medical Director of The Lifestyle Clinic Singapore / lifestyleclinic.sg

Known Dr. Choi for 6 years. He is a lovely person and a great aesthetic skin expert who is passionate about his work as well as innovative in treatments for difficult skin conditions especially pigmentary disorders and techniques using lasers.
Colleagues like myself are fortunate to have known him as he is ever ready to share his knowledge despite his busy schedule.
Dr. Seong-Eun Yoon, MD

Beauty Doctor for Korean Celebrities & K-Pop Stars, Medical Director of Brandnew Clinic, Seoul, South Korea / brandnewclinic.com

Dr. Choi is my choice of doctor for my patients who reside in Canada. He is amazingly skillful, innovative, and passionate. I recommend him all throughout North America. Visit Dr. Choi today and you will find out why.
Dr. Hang-Rae Cho, MD, PhD

Board Certified Dermatologist, Director of Korean Dermatology Association & Chairman of Oh-Kim’s Clinic / ohkimsskin.com

Since I have met Dr. Choi, I noticed and greatly appreciated his extraordinary and artistic stance of aesthetic medicine. His approach to this particular field is absolutely admirable and respectful as the evidence of patient results prove. He is a creative, passionate doctor who comprehends the three-dimensional concept of aesthetic medicine.
Dr. Chang-Hwan Cho, MD

Cosmetic Laser Surgeon, Director of Dongan Clinic, Seoul / dongancenter.com

Dr. Choi is perfect in academic studies and clinical practice. He is an ethical, personable, and friendly doctor with extraordinary set of clinical skills and comprehensive knowledge in aesthetic medicine. The moment you meet Dr. Choi will mark the beginning of many decades of trustworthy relationship.
Dr. Khoa Le, MD

Cosmetic Dermatologist & Medical director of H&A Group – Vietnam / thietbithammyhatech.vn

Dr. Moon Choi is a true clinical aesthetic skin and laser expert. Every time I study with him, I learn more interesting and practical techniques.
Dr. Jong-Ju Na, MD, PhD

Anatomist & Cosmetic Laser Surgeon, COO of Viol Inc., South Korea / www.viol.co.kr

Dr. Choi is a talented lecturer and a true academician of our time. He has a great passion for clinical research and development of innovative treatment techniques in the field of aesthetic dermatology - a quality that is seldom found in successful physicians with such busy schedules. He consistently impresses me by delivering outstanding therapeutic outcomes to his patients.
Dr. Mark Robbin, MD

Orthopedic Radiologist, (Former) Director of Residency Program & Division Chief, UH Case Medical Center

Dr. Moon Choi is a truly innovative physician who combines the latest research and innovation into his daily practice. The personal approach and care he shows his patients demonstrates his commitment to practicing cutting edge medicine and exemplary patient care.
Dr. David Lim, DMD

Director of Dr. David Lim Inc. / drdavidlim.com

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr.Choi for many years and he is a true professional. Mutual acquaintances describe him as being sincere and caring. I personally admire him for all his philanthropy.
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