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Skinlife Vancouver provides Intracel RF: Intracel RF is a cutting edge skin resurfacing technology that delivers therapeutic energy to target depth by bypassing the surface skin, resulting in an enhanced skin remodeling without the downtime and risks associated with other fractional laser skin resurfacing.


Skinlife Vancouver provides a sophisticated fractional skin resurfacing treatment for skin tightening, wrinkles reduction and scar removal with Intracel RF. Intracel RF is a minimally invasive fractional radio-frequency (RF) treatment improves skin elasticity and reshapes the sagging face to a youthful perfect ‘V’-shape as well as reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and double chin, lifts eyebrows and sagging eyelids, improves uneven skin tone, and controls acne and oil/sebum production. Intracel RF reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and double chin, lifts eyebrows and sagging eyelids, improves uneven skin tone, and controls acne and oil/sebum production. Older fractional laser resurfacing such as Fraxel works by delivering laser energy to the desired therapeutic depth through layers of skin. As a result, the majority of laser energy is wasted on the surface and results in downtime and complications.


  • How many sessions of Intracel RF do I need?
    The number of treatments required is determined by the type of skin condition. However, most patients notice marked improvements after just two to three treatments, in terms of improved skin tone, as well as a decrease in new acne lesions, seborrhea and skin pores. Subjective improvement can be seen in just a few weeks, whereas a longer period is required to recover elasticity in aged skin.
  • Can Intracel RF be used on all skin types?
    Treatment with conventional RF devices and fractional lasers is associated with increased risk of delayed erythema, as well as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, particularly in Asian skin. Thanks to the insulated needles of the device, which protect the epidermis from thermal injury and consequent inflammation, these risks are very low with Intracel RF even for the darkest skin types.
  • How long is the down time?
    Short downtime is an important and attractive feature of Intracel RF, enabling patients to get back to their routine very quickly after the treatment. After Intracel RF treatment, redness may last for only one to two days after treatment, which can be covered up by wearing make-up.
  • How do I take care of my skin after the Intracel RF treatment?
    No special care is needed post treatment, but patients should avoid ultraviolet exposure and excessive washing of the face. In addition, to enhance the clinical effects of Intracel RF, Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) growth factors and Omnilux photomodulation therapy can be performed after Intracel RF procedure.


Why Choose SKINLIFE for Acne Scars

Acne scarring (acne scar) can involve textural change in the superficial and deep layers of skin, and can also be associated with redness and pigmentation (darkening of skin). There are three types of acne scars – rolling, ice-pick, and box-car. Rolling scars appear like gentle hills and valleys without sharp borders. Ice-pick scars are round and deep depressions with a V-shaped cross-section. Box-car scars have a flat, U-shaped cross-section. Skinlife Vancouver is one of the few clinics that offers a full range of both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for acne scars. With one of the best and most experienced doctors, Skinlife in Vancouver offers a number of treatments specially designed for acne scar correction. Our non-surgical treatments include cutting-edge fractional skin resurfacing with Intracel Fractional RF and Infini Fractional RF, HMGF (human multiple growth factors) skin regeneration, PRP skin repair, DOT & CROSS, and injectable fillers. Our minor surgery options include subcision, punch-graft, punch-elevation, and excision. An appropriate combination of these procedures can dramatically improve acne scars of all types. Choose true state of the art technology and wealth of experience at Skinlife located in North Vancouver.

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