Laser Genesis

About This Project


Laser Genesis is a simple, no downtime solution to many common skin health issues such as fine lines, diffused facial redness, loss of skin elasticity, and rough skin texture. Laser Genesis gently heats up the skin leading to increased collagen and clearing of sun-damaged blood vessels. The benefits of Laser Genesis have been proven in many medical literature. The Laser Genesis treatment requires no anesthesia, yet comfortable. There is no peeling, scabbing, or excessive redness that are common with many other laser skin treatments. In addition, Laser Genesis is suitable for all skin types!

Why Choose SKINLIFE for Laser Toning

Skinlife has been providing Laser Genesis treatment since 2007 and prides in our excellent safety record and special knowledge with this particular treatment technique. Laser Genesis at Skinlife Vancouver includes cooling and soothing Vitamin Iontophoresis facial masks to provide essential nutritional building blocks for firmer and glowing skin.  For skin with pigmentation (brown spots including melasma) issues, Laser Genesis can be combined with other types of gentle lasers such as Laser Toning to brighten skin tone and to lighten melasma. Choose Skinlife Vancouver for its superb know-hows, superior technology, and proven results.


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