Laser Toning

About This Project


Laser Toning is a skin brightening treatment using a specialized pigment laser called Q-switched ND:YAG laser. Laser Toning has become one of the most popular treatments in Asian countries over the last several years. Our newest, advanced Q-switched ND:YAG laser emits short bursts of laser, lasting only a few nanoseconds, In turn, the laser gently disperses melanin (skin pigment) leading to a brighter looking skin. Laser Toning is also known as “Low Fluence Q-Switch ND:YAG Laser Treatment.” Studies have demonstrated that Laser Toning treatments can bring about a significant improvement in majority of patients. Risks are known to be much lower than other treatment options. However, treating melasma still remains as a challenge today. Any physician who feels or claims otherwise is not an experienced or honest clinician.

Why Choose SKINLIFE for Laser Toning

Skinlife Vancouver has been a pioneer in adopting the newest melasma treatment technologies in its unique Laser Toning program. With more than 20,000 sessions of Laser Toning designated for melasma since 2008, years ahead of many doctors and dermatologists in the Greater Vancouver area. Since then, Skinlife Vancouver has been continually incorporating the best of melasma treatments based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence. Thanks to the great success of Skinlife’s melasma treatment programs, Our know-how of the treatment plans has been taught to many physicians world-wide, including South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, US, Canada, and India. Skinlife Vancouver has a passion in finding a permanent cure for melasma. Skinlife Vancouver has been restlessly researching and developing newest therapies to reach the goal. Skinlife Vancouver truly believes that the melasma treatment program represents the best scientific collection of melasma treatments available today. Experience the most sophisticated, cutting-edge melasma treatments that modern science has to offer at Skinlife Vancouver. Choose our exclusive Laser Toning and experience Skinlife’s unparalleled expertise and exclusive treatment secrets!


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