About This Project

WHAT IS LipoClear™?

LipoClear™ is SKINLIFE’s exclusive and minimally invasive fat reduction technique for specific areas including double chin (submental area) and lower face (jowls). LipoClear mainly works by dissolving the fat by the injections of medication cocktail, including but not limited to: collagenase, hyaluronidase, L-carnitine, and lidocaine through a hollow metal instrument called cannula.

HOW LipoClear™ WORKS

Mechanical pressure is applied with the cannula to assist in the dissolution of the fat. Dissolved fat is then allowed to drain out. Any remaining dissolved fat will be metabolized by the body and/or redistributed to other parts of the body, resulting in reduction of the fat in the treated area(s).  Pressure dressing is worn for several days following the treatment to control swelling and shape the contour of the treated area(s). Having firm, elastic skin will result in a better result after LipoClear™.



SKINLIFE has a personal, individualized focus on you as a valued patient. The hallmark of our philosophy is taking the time to find out your goals, lifestyle, and treatment preference. SKINLIFE takes pride in the expertise of injection with years of experience. A consultation with a physician is mandatory prior to any procedures at SKINLIFE to bring out the most effective, safe, and suitable treatment plan just for you.

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