Nose Contouring

About This Project


Nose Contouring at SKINLIFE is performed to reduce nostril size and the roundness of nose tip with a simple injection. The SKINLIFE was developed by a famous aesthetic doctor, Dr. Yoon from Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Yoon is a well known celebrity doctor who has treated countless K-POP stars and movie stars.


Nose Contouring involves local injections of medications to reduce the size of nostrils or shape of the nose tip. A significant correction of the nose shape can be obtained after a number of injections. Injections are performed with very fine needles, thus discomfort is minimal. Nose Contouring only takes a few minutes and has no downtime.


Nose Contouring is performed once every 2-4 weeks until the desired shape has been achieved. Changes and results from the Nose Contouring injections can be noticed as early as 1 month post treatment. The result typically lasts many years.


Why Choose SKINLIFE for Nose Contouring

SKINLIFE has a personal, individualized focus on you as a valued patient. The hallmark of our philosophy is taking the time to find out your goals, lifestyle, and treatment preference. SKINLIFE takes pride in the expertise of injection with years of experience. A consultation with a physician is mandatory prior to any procedures at SKINLIFE to bring out the most effective, safe, and suitable treatment plan just for you.


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