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Skinlife’s innovation in minor cosmetic surgery has led to invention of this unique, minimally invasive facial restoration procedure named “Q-LIFT”. Q-LIFT is a minor surgical, minimally invasive procedure to correct prominent facial depressions that are resistant to conservative measures such as filler injections and autologous fat injections. Also it results in longer lasting result by targeting soft-tissue structures that causes unsightly folds and depressions. Q-LIFT is a type of minor surgical procedure called, incision-less subcutaneous undermining, also known as Subcision. Q-LIFT is a heavily modified version of subcision, utilizing braded polyglycolic suture to cut through ligaments and/or septae betweeb fat compartments, thereby releasing abnormal tethering that causes unwanted depressions on the face. Certain facial depressions can be corrected by Q-LIFT by the releasing action of Q-LIFT and the subsequent formation of fibrotic tissue in the normal course of wound healing.


Q-LIFT is a longer lasting and surer way to correct facial deformities than injectable filler and much less invasive option then surgical face lift. If a skillful injection of filler failed to achieve the aesthetic facial appearance that you desire. Q-LIFT may be the only option before considering plastic surgery.


  • Midface groove on the cheek caused by the zygomatic cutaneous ligament
  • Jowling below the corners of mouth caused by the mandibular cutaneous ligament
  • Nasolabial folds, also known as smile lines are depressions forming between medical cheek fat compartment and nasolabial fat compartment/superior jowl fat compartment


  • Is the procedure painful?
    Local anesthetic injections make the treatment completely  painless.
  • What is recovery like?
    Special trocar is used to introduce the polyglycolic suture around the ligament or septae to release the tethering. The entry points are visible as small red dots on the face, which can be covered up easily by make-up. Bruise is rare, but may occur, which may persists a week or two to clear. Minor swelling of the treated area is expected and will improve within the next few days. The treated area may feel mildly sore for a week or two, but most patients do not require any  pain medications.
  • When do I see the result?
    The result of Q-LIFT is immediate visible after the procedure. The result is often dramatic and cosmetically pleasing.
  • How long does the result last? 
    The result form Q-LIFT is comparable to that of plastic surgery. With normal aging process, new lines and depressions may form, but the result of Q-LIFT is long lasting and can be said to be permanent.


Why Choose SKINLIFE for Q-LIFT
Q LIFT is a treatment developed by the Skinlife Vancouver team and exclusively available at its North Vancouver facility. Skinlife’s experience and expertise makes it the most qualified provider of Q-LIFT.


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