Soft Peel

About This Project


Skinlife Vancouver offers Laser Soft Peel, the newest, non-invasive laser stimulation technique. This Soft Peel leads to natural peeling of skin using carbon lotion as photo-enhancer to achieve pore tightening, oil control, fine lines reduction, and skin rejuvenation. In addition, it reduces the chance of acne causing bacteria deep in the pores to treat moderate to severe inflammatory acne.


Skinlife in Vancouver offers Q-switched ND:YAG laser Soft Peel, which the newest and most effective modality in shrinking enlarged pores using carbon lotion as photo-enhancer. First, water-based carbon lotion is applied to the skin. Then any excess carbon is wiped off. Remaining carbon on the skin absorbs laser energy emitted by Q-switched ND:YAG Laser and rapidly heats up surrounding area. Because enlarged pores tends to retain large amount the carbon lotion, these pores receive the most thermal energy, which reduces pore size by stimulating collagen production and reducing oiliness of the skin. This treatment is effective, safe, and comfortable.


  • How long is the recovery time?

There is no downtime with Soft Peel. Some patients may experience slight redness that may last several hours. Sometimes patients may experience mild flaking for a few days. Make-up can be applied immediately. Normal activity can be resumed right away, but your face should be protected from the sun.

  • How many treatments do I need Laser Soft Peel?

Patients should start noticing significant improvement after third session of Laser Soft Peel. Typically 5 treatment sessions are recommended. However, some patients may need additional Soft Peel treatments to achieve satisfactory cosmetic outcome.

  • How long is Laser Soft Peel?

Laser Soft Peel typically requires less than 30 minutes.


Why Choose SKINLIFE for Soft Peel

Enlarged Pores occurs when opening of pilosebaceous follicles (openings of oil glands) on your skin become stretched. Various factors such as genetics, aging, sun-exposure, acne, over-production of oil, and inappropriate cosmetic usage are known to be responsible for enlarged pores. Skinlife Vancouver offers a range of pore-shrinking lasers, phototherapies, and topical medications to combat enlarged pores. Look no further and experience the widest selections, wealth of experience, and true cutting-edge technology at Skinlife!

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