Thread Lifting

About This Project


SKINLIFE Thread Lifting is a no downtime, non-surgical thread lifting procedure using self anchoring polydioxanone (PDO) threads. PDO thread is an extremely safe, dissolvable suture material that has been used in soft tissue surgery including pediatric cardiovascular tissue and ophthalmic surgery for many years. The PDO threads used for Thread Lifting at SKINLIFE is gradually replaced by our body’s natural collagen fibers as it gets slowly dissolved away completely in twelve to sixteen months after the procedure.


Thread Lifting at SKINLIFE does not require any cutting or suturing as the PDO thread is slid into a desired position through a specially designed, thin stainless metal tube with a blunt end. In essence, it is comparable to facial injections, but done instead with dissolvable threads. Unlike previous thread lifting, the threads used for Thread Lifting at SKINLIFE is self-anchoring on the entire length of the thread, evenly distributing its anti-gravity force naturally. Thread Lifting is a simple, yet surprisingly effective lifting procedure that provides instantaneous, natural looking lifting of the droopiness of the forehead, cheeks, and lower face without downtime.


Why Choose SKINLIFE for Thread Lifting

SKINLIFE Vancouver has treated countless patients with a common concern of sagging skin. The gradual loss of elasticity is the sign of accumulated skin damage and natural consequences of aging. This aging process may be accelerated by poor nutrition, use of tobacco, excessive exposure to the sun and environmental toxins. Patients who are mainly concerned of improved facial angles and shapes as well as the sagging skin receive the most satisfying result from Thread Lifting. Thread Lifting at SKINLIFE is performed by a doctor after a thorough consultation. SKINLIFE has a personal, individualized focus on you as a valued patient. The hallmark of our philosophy is taking the time to find out your goals, lifestyle, and treatment preference. SKINLIFE takes pride in the expertise of facial contouring and shaping with years of experience. A consultation with a physician is mandatory prior to any procedures at SKINLIFE to bring out the most effective, safe, and suitable treatment plan just for you. Experience non-invasive, natural, and instant aesthetic improvement without downtime at SKINLIFE Vancouver!

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