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Vanquish ME is a truly painless, effective fat reduction device for body, thighs, and arms. Boasting the largest treatment area in the industry, the Vanquish uses newly developed Selective RF™ energy technology to address fat reduction in non-invasive treatments. A multipolar focused field shapes the electromagnetic energy field and automatically tunes the circuitry to selectively deliver the energy with no risk of burning the skin or overheating muscles or internal organs. Vanquish ME is a non-invasive, non-contact selective RF Technology that selectively heats fatty layer and results in natural elimination of fat cells. The treatment is safe, comfortable.


Vanquish ME selectively heats up the fat cells by adjusting energy delivery to induce and maintain uniform heating of the fatty tissue. The therapeutically heated fat cells are then re-programmed to undergo non-traumatic self-destruction, resulting in natural fat reduction by programmed cell death. Fat cells are much more sensitive to temperature changes and can be programmed to self-destruct by delivering therapeutic dose of thermal energy.  Vanquish ME is able to selectively heat the fat cells to the temperature of 44 to 45°C while the surrounding tissue remains unaffected at 40 to 41°C.


  • What happens to the fat cells?
    The fat cells that are heated to the target temperature will eventually die through the natural process known as apoptosis or “programmed cell death.” This “self-destruction” of fat cells over the course of a few weeks results in slow release of fat molecules, which are then metabolized by the body to produce energy.
  • How is the treatment performed?
    While you seat comfortably on treatment table, the applicator is placed over the treatment area. This is a non-contact procedure, therefore, the device does not come in direct contact with you. Once the treatment begins Vanquish ME automatically measures data of the fatty tissue and begins to “tune” the energy level based on real-time feedback collected by the system.  The treatment areas are treated for 30 minutes.
  • What results can I expect to see?
    Clinical studies report consistent, visible, and measurable results with high patient satisfaction. A series of four 30 minute treatments are recommended.
  • How long will results last?
    Just like liposuction and other permanent fat reduction techniques, the results of Vanquish ME should remain for an indefinite period of time.
  • How does the Vanquish ME compare with other technologies?
    The Vanquish ME is the newest non-contact, hands-free body contouring device. Unlike other non-invasive procedures, the Vanquish is absolutely pain free. Unlike cooling technology, there is no prolonged redness, pain, and loss of sensation. In addition Vanquish ME requires no minimum fat quantity and works on non-obese patients. And unlike laser based fat reduction techniques, the treatment is not affected by your skin color. Vanquish ME provides the largest treatment area in the industry and can also treat small areas such as thighs and arms.
  • What are the common side effects after the procedure?
    There is no downtime with the treatment. You are able to resume your daily routine immediately after each treatment. Side effects are minimal and temporary typically lasting only minutes to an hour after the treatment, including mild redness and tissue tenderness.

Why Choose SKINLIFE for Body Contouring via Vanquish ME

SKINLIFE proudly presents the newest 2016 Vanquish ME with Flex technology. Vanquish ME with Flex technology is approved by the Health Canada and FDA for circumferential reduction of body fat. Vanquish ME with Flex technology is the newest upgrade of the BTL’s awarding winning Vanquish fat melting system. Our 2016 Vanquish ME with Flex technology represents a breakthrough in non-invasive fat removal treatment of body, thighs, and arms. Vanquish ME uses high-frequency electric field to selectively heat fatty layer under the skin while the surrounding skin and muscle remain protected from reaching high temperatures. Using the unrivaled real time monitoring, SKINLIFE’s Vanquish ME monitors the tissue temperature for accurate tissue heating and deliver maximum power with superior level of comfort and safety.

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