3D Acne Scar Repair

Why Choose SKINLIFE for Acne Scars

Acne scarring (acne scar) can involve textural change in the superficial and deep layers of skin, and can also be associated with redness and pigmentation (darkening of skin). There are three types of acne scars – rolling, ice-pick, and box-car. Rolling scars appear like gentle hills and valleys without sharp borders. Ice-pick scars are round and deep depressions with a V-shaped cross-section. Box-car scars have a flat, U-shaped cross-section. SKINLIFE offers a wide range of both minor surgical and non-surgical treatment options for acne scars specially designed for cosmetic improvement of acne scar. Our non-surgical treatments include Infini Fractional RF, DermaSculpting™, PRP injection, DOT & CROSS (types of chemical peel), injectable fillers, and others. Our minor surgery options include subcision, punch-graft, punch-elevation, and excision.



3D Acne Scar Repair is SKINLIFE’s  personalized acne scar treatment program using synergistic skin repair techniques. 3D Acne Scar Repair involves the combinations of  Infini fractional, PRP injection, DOT & CROSS (types of chemical peel) and/or other resurfacing techniques. The choice of combinations depends on the patient’s conditions and lifestyle. Each treatment plan is personally tailored to suit individual patient’s cosmetic needs. Existing fractional skin resurfacing technologies such as fractional lasers have been tried for acne scars and appear to fall out of favor due to inconsistent improvement and complications such as prolonged skin sensitivity and hyperpigmentation. We are living in a technologically advanced era where several classes of skin repair technologies and techniques are available. Different acne scar therapies have different strengths and weaknesses. Instead of using on a single device to treat acne scars, 3D Acne Scar Repair utilizes a collection of such technologies/techniques. The result is a rapid recovery and an enhanced cosmetic scar improvement.


Fractional lasers end up wasting most of its energy on the skin surface, which is the reason for prolonged downtime, complication, and disappointing results. 3D Acne Scar Repair at SKINLIFE uses minimally invasive fractional technologies and other synergistic techniques to create controlled zones of damage in the scars at the depth that is pre-selected and automatically controlled by computer. Remodeling (repair) of scarred skin leads to more even appearance of the skin.

  • How many sessions do I need?
    Many patients notice significant improvements after three treatments. Benefit is not confined to acne scars as the treatment also improves skin tone, pores, sun-damages, and wrinkles. Subjective improvement can be seen in just a few weeks and gradual improvement is seen over the course of three to six months.
  • Can 3D Acne Scar Repair be used on all skin types?
    Treatment with conventional RF devices and fractional lasers is associated with increased risk of prolonged redness, as well as post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation, particularly in Asian skin. Comparatively 3D Acne Scar Repair is well tolerated in Asian and darker ethnic skin.
  • How long is the down time?
    Exceptional control of energy with our 3D Acne Scar Repair means that patients can get back to their routine very quickly after the treatment. After the treatment, redness and swelling develops, but disappears rapidly over a few days time. Tiny, brown dots may appear on some parts of the skin, which typically disappear in about 5 to 7 days.






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