3D Skin Tightening

Why Choose SKINLIFE for 3D Skin Tightening

SKINLIFE offers a wide range of non-surgical skin tightening options that can be tailored for your specific skin condition and lifestyle.




3D Skin Tightening is SKINLIFE’s unique, personalized, and exclusive skin tightening treatment program using the newest and most sophisticated skin regeneration technologies. Previous technologies such as fractional lasers have been tried for skin tightening with mixed results and are falling out of favour due to complications and risks in Asian and other ethnic skin types. 3D Skin Tightening at SKINLIFE utilizes 3 synergistic combinations from Skin Repair injectable such as PRP, a controlled heating of skin with advanced Radio-Frequency (RF), Fractional Plasma technologies, and Fractional Chemical Skin Resurfacing to build new collagen and reverse the accumulated sun damage on the skin. The choice of combinations depends on the patient’s skin conditions as our physician personalizes the program for each patient. 3D Skin Tightening at SKINLIFE provides therapeutic repair deeper, more accurately, and more selectively than any single technology can deliver. Unlike laser skin tightening, the result of 3D Skin Tightening treatment is not influenced by skin color and therefore equally effective and safe in all races including Asian skin.


Lasers end up wasting most of its energy on the skin surface, which is the reason for prolonged downtime, complication, and disappointing results. 3D Skin Tightening at SKINLIFE uses advanced fractional skin repair technologies and injectable to rebuild collagen and resurface damaged skin. We are living in a technologically advanced era where several classes of skin repair and rebuilding technologies available. Different technologies have various strengths and weaknesses. Instead of relying on a single device, 3D Skin Tightening utilizes a collection of such technologies for a maximum skin tightening and restoration without compromising safety and recovery experience. The result is a rapid repair of full thickness of skin and an enhanced skin remodeling without the downtime and risks associated with other scar repair techniques.






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