4D Eye Tightening

Why Choose SKINLIFE for 4D Eye Tightening

SKINLIFE soffer a wide range of non-surgical skin tightening options that can be tailored for your specific skin condition and lifestyle.




The SKINLIFE 4D Eye Tightening is a comprehensive skin restoration treatment for both upper and lower eyelids. It combines the synergistic therapeutic benefits of Fractional Radio-Frequency, Fractional Plasma, Botulinum Toxin (Neuromodulator), and Fractional Chemical Skin Resurfacing. Each modality targets areas and causes of skin laxity around the eyes with high degrees of selectivity for a maximum safety and effectiveness. Skin is resurfaced from deep to superficial layers in a controlled manner with the three fractional resurfacing technologies while botulinum toxin temporarily reduces excessive muscle contraction to ensure that new skin grows into a more youthful shape during the healing process.


The outcome of the SKINLIFE 4D Eye Tightening is dramatic. 4D Eye Tightening results in a firmer, smoother appearance of the skin by laying down new and tighter network of elastic fiber such as collagen and keratin. By combining depth and target selective modalities, the treatment is able to deliver the impressive treatment result without excessive damage and increased risks of complication.






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