Other Skin Diseases

Other Skin Diseases




Other skin diseases include Syringoma. Syringoma appear as slightly raised bump occurring around the eyes, particularly on the lower eyelid. They are benign sweat gland tumours. They may fluctuate in size particularly in hot summer months when sweating becomes excessively. Syringoma typically grow larger and become numerous over time, often coalescing to wider bumps. When they are small, RF plasma can be used to safely evaporate the bumps. Larger Syringoma often require punch excision. If many Syringoma lie in close proximity, they may need to be surgically excised with primary closure.


Other skin diseases include Sebaceous Hyperplasia. Sebaceous Hyperplasia is a common benign tumour of sebaceous glands, most often noticed on the face. Sebaceous Hyperplasia often has a small central dell (punctum) with the yellowish material around the edges of the punctum. However Sebaceous Hyperplasia may appear similar to skin cancers called basal cell carcinoma and sebaceous adenomas therefore should be closely examined by an expert before removal. Skinlife Vancouver provides a number of removal options including both surgical and non-surgical.


Other skin diseases include Sebaceous Cysts. Epidermal cysts, also known as sebaceous cysts or epidermoid cyst are common skin cysts that generally occur on the face, back, scalp or ears. Similar lesions may be seen on the skin of testicles. Generally these lesions slowly evolve over the years. Provided that they do not rupture, they are mostly of cosmetic concern, often creating a bump that grows or discharges foul-smelling “cheese like” material when pressure is applied. Once they rupture or become inflamed, pain and tenderness may develop. Pilar cysts occur on the scalp and are really much the same as epidermal sebaceous cysts but it produces a different type of keratin from the epidermal cyst. There are a number of treatment options for epidermal cysts. Most commonly surgical excision is performed to remove the cyst, which has the highest success rate. Non-surgical option includes the use of photodynamic therapy to shrink the epidermal cyst, which recurrence rate is higher than the surgical options. SKINLIFE provides a precise surgical removal of sebaceous for an excellent cosmetic outcome. SKINLIFE also offers non-surgical treatment options including photodynamic therapy and injections.


Other skin diseases include Xanthelasma. Xanthelasma appear as yellowish, soft, velvety, raise, flat skin (plaque) that most commonly appear symmetrically around the eye areas. They represent the most common type of benign skin tumours called xanthoma. Xanthelasma typically start off as small bump and grow larger over a course of several months to years without causing any symptoms. They are occasionally associated with elevated sugars and/or lipids in the blood. Xanthelasma does not disappear on its own, therefore a surgical removal is necessary. SKINLIFE provide a procise surgical removal of Xanthelasma for an excellent cosmetic outcome.


Other skin diseases include Onychomycosis. Fungal nail infection, also known as Onychomycosis typically affects toe nails. The nail is made of solid keratin where fungi can live and proliferate. People with fungal nail infection commonly show fungal infection of the web between the toes or fingers. Other conditions can mimic fungal nail infection including nail psoriasis, alopecia areata (patchy hair loss), and twenty nail dystrophy. Fungal nail infection is most often diagnosed clinically, but microscopic examination and/or culture may be necessary to confirmation. Oral anti-fungal medications are the treatment of choice for fungal nail infections. Topical anti-fungal medication is generally not effective. For people who does want to or cannot tolerate oral anti-fungal medications, long-pulse ND:YAG laser or quasi-long pulse ND:YAG laser may be an alternative therapy to treat nail fungus. The laser gently heats up the nail and causes fungus to die. The treatment has no downtime and normal activity can be resumed immediately. Most commonly a few sessions are required to complete the treatment. Skinlife has a long experience and is equipped with various forms of ND:YAG laser to treat Onychomycosis.






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