Pearly Penile Papule


Since 2008, SKINLIFE has successfully performed many hundreds of pearly penile papule removals with an impeccable safety record. Our PPP removal procedures begins with a consultation to gain thorough understanding of  each patient’s lifestyle, density of the papules, and the current level of papule stability (i.e. whether papules are becoming more numerous or not). We employ a precisely refined PPP removal technique that results in minimal collateral tissue damage for a swift recovery. As our commitment to providing high quality PPP removal service, SKINLIFE provides complimentary removal procedures within the time frame of 6 months from the initial treatment date. Our commitment for the complete removal of each patient’s PPP has thus invited many patients across the province and country for more than a decade.

What are pearly penile papules?

Pearly penile papules (PPP) are typically flesh-coloured (or slightly lighter), smooth dome-shaped bumps that are found on the rim of the penile head. Although pearly penile papules have no malignant potential and cannot be contracted through sexual activity, they are often misunderstood as being a sexually transmitted disease, falsely associating patients with a negative lifestyle and health status. In reality, pearly penile papules are a non-contagious and harmless normal skin variation that is commonly found especially among men in their twenties and thirties, and more frequently in uncircumcised patients than circumcised patients.


At SKINLIFE CLINIC, pearly penile papules are removed via intralesional micro-plasma ablation performed under high power magnification, which allows for precise targeting and vaporization of the papules. Our technique results in a smaller ablation zone compared to that of the CO2 laser typically used for PPP removal and minimizes the chances of scarring and potential damage to the surrounding unaffected skin. In fact, after more than a decade of providing PPP removal treatments, our PPP patients have not reported any complication, but only a cosmetically satisfactory outcome.

  • Is PPP Removal painful?

PPP removal at SKINLIFE is a painless procedure. Topical numbing cream is applied for a generous amount of time to the removal site prior to the procedure and makes the procedure painless one. With the exception of very densely concentrated pearly penile papules (PPP), no other forms of anesthesia (including injections) are required.

  • Is there any downtime following PPP Removal?

After the treatment, small spots of swelling and redness may form on the treated area. Some patients occasionally experience the formation of small scabs, which typically resolve within a few days. There is little to no discomfort during the recovery period. Some patients may experience minor tinging sensation for a few hours to a few days. Water activities (swimming and sitting in hot tub) and sexual intercourse should be avoided for the first 7 days following the procedure. Starting on the first day, shower is not only allowed, but is mandatory as showering is an important part of daily wound care routine. After 7 days, all activities are allowed. For most patients, the treated area appears near normal (light pink dots) at 7 days following the procedure, Within 4 weeks following the removal, the treated area appears cosmetically perfect.

  • Are the results from PPP Removal permanent?

While the pre-existing pearly penile papules that are treated in the procedure are removed permanently, pearly penile papules (PPP) may recur in the same or different regions of the skin after a certain amount of time has passed. As our commitment to providing a high quality PPP removal procedure,  SKINLIFE CLINIC offers complimentary touch-up removals of any newly developed pearly penile papules (PPP) within 6 months from the initial treatment date.

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