Skin Scaling

Why Choose SKINLIFE for Skin Scaling

Trained by the dermatologists who developed this procedure, Skinlife has been safely providing skin scaling for many thousands of patients of acne since 2008. The expertise and experience make Skinlife the best clinic in Vancouver for Skin Scaling. Skin Scaling helps control the acne break out as well as excessive formations of blackheads and whiteheads.




Originally developed by dermatologists in the LJH clinic in South Korea, Skin Scaling is a Gangnam-style skincare procedure to reduce oilness of the skin and to control acne. It involves a topical application of special cocktail to gently remove excess skin debris that may clog the pores. Skin Scaling is often followed by removal of oil plugs that has already clog the pores. Skin Scaling helps control acne including blackheads.


First skin is cleansed to remove excess oil. Then a specialized cocktail of medications is applied to the skin, which scrubs away excess skin debris, unclogs the pores, and calms down inflamed skin. The procedure is repeated once every 1 to 4 weeks depending on the skin condition. Often Skin Scaling is performed with PDT Levulan Therapy, depending on patients’ skin condition of acne. It reduces inflammation caused by acne.






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