Wart Removal

Why Choose SKINLIFE for Wart Removal

SKINLIFE provides various treatment options for wart removal including surgical removal, medication (oral or topical), injections, and other procedures.



Warts are benign, infectious growth of skin caused by a group of virus called HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). There are many types of HPV that infect skin. Typically warts that occur on the face are flat warts. Flat warts are also commonly seen on scalp, neck and upper chest. Other types of warts occur on the other parts of the skin including hand, elbow, and feet. Flat warts, also known as verruca plana are skin-colored or brown color, slightly raised, flat-surfaced growth, typically 1 to 6mm in size, but multiple warts can join to form a larger wart. This is a very common condition, yet many patients simply do not know or mistakenly think that they have liver spots.


Although some warts can spontaneously disappear especially in children, treatment is often necessary in many adults who have multiple warts, as spontaneous resolution of warts is quite unlikely. We recommend early treatment as warts can spread from person to person as well as from one area of skin to another area. As the warts can “hide” in the skin for several months to years (called incubation time), earlier treatment would reduce the chance of additional treatment. We provide several treatment options. Physical removal (e.g. surgical shaving or excision) is often required for warts that have been previously treated unsuccessfully with multiple sessions of cryotherapy (freezing). Injection therapy (e.g. Canadida antigen injection) may be used to treat certain warts.  In certain cases, immunotherapy is used to fight against the warts. Topical immunotherapy (e.g. DPCP application) is another treatment option that we provide.

  • How long is the recovery time?
    Treated areas look pink for several days and may return to normal appearance as early as a week, depending on the size and location of wart and the age of patient. Normal activity can be resumed right away, but your face should be protected from the sun.
  • Will my warts come back?
    Generally warts do not come back once fully resolved. However HPV re-infection is possible. Skinlife provides post-treatment skincare advice that may help reduce the risk of reinfection by strengthening immune system and skin barrier function.






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